Being from a small town, I have always loved the feel of a big city. I love the hustle and bustle on the streets, the tall buildings, and most importantly, the big city fashion. I have always loved reading fashion magazines and watching celebs for the newest trends. In a small town, big city trends don’t make it here until the cities are onto the next thing. I felt that this was what our small town was missing out on, so I decided to take charge.

My husband, Tyler, encouraged me to get started. At first, I was setting up popups out of the back of my little SUV. We decided we needed to do something for the popups to be easier with setup and tear-down, especially since I was pregnant with our son, so we settled on buying a box trailer. We did a lot of searching for the right deal, and when we finally found it, we jumped on it.
Tyler took a plain, old trailer, and renovated it to the mobile boutique of my dreams: bright whites, marble floors, and rose gold accents.

This year, we hope to bring more popups than ever before, and with it, more options for every woman! Our goal at Thrive is for every woman to feel beautiful in her own skin, the way God created her to be. We are now offering more clothing options in sizes small-2x because we believe ALL women are beautiful and should be celebrated.